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Quantitative Research

Why choose Elite Market Research for Quantitative Research?

Often used substantiate the findings from qualitative research. It involves the collection of (statistically) large samples of quantitative data and usually some form of statistical analysis. It is structured research that can be undertaken in any of the formats - telephonic survey, personal interview, mail, or electronic mediums.

Quantitative Research Techniques

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty studies
  • Business partner satisfaction and loyalty studies
  • Employees satisfaction and loyalty studies
  • Brand awareness, identity and image studies
  • Product image studies
  • Pricing studies
  • Name tests and packaging tests
  • Advertising and concepts tests
  • Advertising campaign effectiveness studies
  • Distribution studies
  • Competition studies
  • Segmentation studies
  • Studies of consumer habits in the use and purchase of products and brands
  • Product and brand positioning studies
  • Press readers preferences surveys.
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In-house qualified researchers with sound statistical skills and subject knowledge. The team comprises of individuals from the diverse educational background.

Data Analysis in Quantitative Research

  • Normative data
  • Correlation
  • Key driver analysis
  • Logistic regression

Qualitative Research

Why choose Elite Market Research for Qualitative Research?

Today, the market is very competitive and it requires great skills, competence, and insights to remain on the top. At Elite Market Research, we offer comprehensive qualitative market research to brands so that they can explore market potential and trends in a strategic manner. Qualitative data analysis is a vital part of research as it helps us to understand and examine the content in a meaningful and symbolic manner. Overall, there are two types of data collected in qualitative research namely structured text and unstructured text. Depending on your requirement, they can help you gain better insights into your brand and products.

We have a team of competent and skilled members who have been working in the field of qualitative research for a very long time. Due to this, they have a lot of experience and understanding of how market functions. In the field of qualitative research, we have successfully helped both new and established brands to gain a better understanding of the market scenario, so that they can align their company goals in line with customer expectations. So even though qualitative research methods are often viewed as ‘soft-approach’, it may require some finer nuances and can effectively help brands to gain comprehensive insights about the current market and trends.

Qualitative Research Techniques

Direct Methods

  • Focus Group Discussions
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Ethnography

Qualitative Data Analysis Services

  • Content analysis
  • Narrative analysis
  • Discourse analysis
  • Framework analysis
  • Grounded theory
  • Semiotics
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In-house pool of interviewers

Elite Market Research has an efficient pool of experienced in-house resources, unlike other MR companies. This is our core strength as being a part of the in-house team, the interviewers have an affinity to work for us only. Our team is trained to interview audiences across profiles. Most of our interviewers are well skilled to execute interviews via tablets and other devices. With our wide presence and availability of a large pool of interviewers, we can execute projects of any magnitude in the shortest span.

Fieldwork Methodologies used at Elite Market Research

  • Observation
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Global Telephone surveys (CATI)
  • On-site/ Central location surveys
  • Exit/Mall Intercept surveys
  • In-home/ Product placement/testing surveys
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Census Surveys
  • Retail Audits
  • Hall tests

We accord high priority to quality and ensure fieldwork is carried out according to strict guidelines relating to data protection and reliability. We help the clients determine the most cost-effective sample type, size, and primary data collection methods and ensure that they receive the best service and support at all times.

Online Research

Global online surveys that drive the best decisions for business success. Elite Market research has built a division of experts with extensive online know-how. From high-touch solutions for hard-to-reach targets to data science and automation, we have a range of survey solutions to meet your objectives and budget.

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Whether you require an end-to-end solution or just a piece of the puzzle, deliver the compelling insights by combining our high-performing online qualitative platforms with high-quality project management and expertise in recruitment.

Survey Programing

Elite Market Research Pvt. Ltd. develops advanced surveys that focus on actionable data while ensuring respondent engagement. We utilize both traditional and non-traditional approaches, which include the best audience-engagement features such as engaging visuals, interactive elements, and gamification. With a suite of advanced programming tools, we maintain fast turnaround times with precision, even for the most complex surveys.

Key features

  • Available on any device – smartphones, PCs, and tablets
  • Localization for any language on earth
  • Multiple types of questions: text, image, and/or video
  • A wide range of survey types to facilitate your desired analysis
  • Consultation with our survey experts to build the optimal design

All surveys are hosted in the most secure compliant environment for data security.

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Data Processing

We supplement human effort with automated tools to deliver high-quality data with accuracy and precision. Our system intelligence can identify patterns in real-time, adapting on the fly to maximize the quality of response data. In addition, we check for the accuracy of the data with respect to the questionnaire. The output is shared as raw data in a wide variety of formats, including Excel, SPSS, and ASCII.